Electronic Metaphysics and Extinction

As the contradictions of the capitalist mode of production ripen, natural history and human history collide, annihilating species, ecosystems, and populations. But this collision and its motivating forces are hidden for the affluent denizens of the industrial comfort structures -behind a veil of electronic representation. This representation is the spectacle, the self-representation of late capitalism, and an abstraction of its metaphysic of becoming: commodity fetishism.

The society of the spectacle tells us that electronic images must be watched or heard in order for us to augment our being. Intelligence, trendiness, sexuality, etc. are sold to us in a metaphysical way. For this to be psychological functional we must assent to a primary alienation of our being, for every attribute that the spectacle supposedly sells to us is actually an alienated aspect of our own being. Since the spectacle doesn’t actually confer any substance, nor materially intervene in our bodies, this is a self-alienation and a self-re-appropriation.

The practice of meditation and lucid dreaming, in the end times, are first and foremost refusals to commit this self-alienation. They are also refusals to placidly accept ideologies of economic and political imperialism. The  perennial aim of these practices however, one that may be pursued conjointly with the destruction of the spectacle, is uncovering of the fundamental pattern of human illusion.