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Was Nietzsche a mindless consumer, or was he just pissed off at God?

On the question of life’s value we will see in Nietzsche’s writing every ‘no’ of Schopenhauer’s answered by an emphatic ‘yes’. Schopenhauer’s will, dread and defiling, something that makes life not worth living, becomes with Nietzsche the ‘will to power’, the basis … Continue reading

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The wise know

Fools who seek enlightenment look abroad for exotic masters The wise know the mind is the master -Bodhidharma  

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Lucid Dreaming: The Ultimate Aesthetic Practice

It is a wonder that lucid dreaming has been passed over by so many. For generations men and women have come and gone, struggling mightily during their time to wrest aesthetic visions from the raw materials of the earth. Whether … Continue reading

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Vehicle to the Absolute Horizon of Experience

Below is another extract from the introduction to the Phenomenology: Questions important to this investigation. During the process of exploring lucid dreaming and meditation seeking answers to some simple questions may serve at the outset as an impetus to practice; … Continue reading

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